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Madison Heights to Transform all Streetlights to LEDs!

Now it’s the city of Madison Heights that is planning to replace all of its streetlights to energy efficient LEDs in a bid to earn a higher return on investments.

In a latest development, now it’s the city of Madison Heights that is planning to replace all of its streetlights to energy efficient LEDs and city officials demonstrated a high level of optimism when it comes to numerous advantages that LED lights bring along.

As City Mayor, Roslyn Grafstein asserted, “The conversion of street lights to LED is a big step in our ongoing commitment to the environment. The improved light quality will make our neighborhoods and city safer while improving the aesthetics throughout Madison Heights.” Emphasizing on the ROI aspect she added, “I am hopeful the return on investment for this project will make it an easy decision for City Council.”

Hitherto, 388 high-pressure sodium fixtures out of a total of 1,733 have been replaced with LED fixtures citywide. City officials believe that LEDs will yield energy cost savings of around $97,500 annually – which will automatically pay for the overall project costs of nealry $412,000 within a span of four years itself. Moreover, it is conveyed that the savings from the project will be reinvested into community initiatives, which will be instrumental in making the city more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses.

To strengthen this argument further, Madison Heights City Manager, Melissa Marsh adds, “We are proud to undertake this critical infrastructure project, which will not only modernize the city and improve safety for Madison Heights residents, but also have a lasting positive impact on the environment. “In addition, the long-term savings for the city will be extensive, and allow the city to better serve our residents.’’

The project will not only improve the overall city illumination rendering it safer but will also have lights that last longer compared to traditional lights, taking the burden off the long-term maintenance costs. Slowly and steadily LED lights are indeed laying foundations for lesser energy consumption and better light output, simultaneously.


For the source article please refer the link: https://www.candgnews.com/news/madison-heights-plans-to-replace-all-city-streetlights-with-led-fixtures-118542

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