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Light Usage for Night Application Program: DLC Releases the First Draft

DLC announces the purpose, eligibility criteria, and other details of its latest Light Usage for Night Application Program in its first draft

After announcing the formation of an advisory group for the Light Usage for Night Application Program just a few weeks back, DesignLights Consortium DLC has now released the first draft of this new policy. The policy primarily aims at promoting the usage of luminaires that along with being energy efficient will also safeguard the night sky against light pollution.

LUNA clearly demands the use of high-quality outdoor lighting at night to prevent sky glow, light trespass, glare, and negative effects on the ecological system. In the first draft of this program, DLC with the help of the members of the advisory group has established performance requirements for specific categories of outdoor solid-state lighting. This will allow the outdoor lighting decision-makers to confidently select lighting solutions that adhere to the best environmental practices for night-time outdoor lighting, and also save energy.

Utility and energy efficiency programs, ESCOs, commercial building owners and end-users, lighting specifiers and designers, federal and state DOTs, and all other stakeholders of the lighting industry will be immensely benefitted from the outcomes of this program. However, to gain these benefits, these stakeholders must select LUNA qualified products from the DLC’s Solid-State Lighting Qualified Product List (QPL) for their outdoor lighting projects. 

The list of LUNA qualified products has been produced under the supervision of DLC and the members of the LUNA advisory group, comprising of experts from different sectors be it research, industry, design, or utility. The members of the group have offered recommendations and perspectives for the selection criteria of the energy-efficient lighting solutions suitable for outdoor lighting. However, project LUNA will follow DLC’s 6-step process to craft comprehensive criteria that will address the needs of its industry partners and energy efficiency program members alike.


For more details visit: https://www.designlights.org/workplan/light-usage-for-night-applications/

Source: https://www.ledsmagazine.com/manufacturing-services-testing/article/14201346/dlc-launches-luna-outdoor-ssl-program-publishes-draft-requirements

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