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LED for Horticulture Lighting Mandatory: California Energy Commission

California Energy Commission mandates the use of LEDs in horticulture lighting for Controlled Environment Agriculture and sets an example for other states.

Energy efficiency is considered one of the biggest advantages of LED Lighting sources and the State of California along with its California Energy Commission (CEC) has well recognized it. CEC in its 2022 Title 24 code cycle that would be effective in January 2023, mandates the use of LEDs in all the new horticulture lighting for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

While the move is appreciated everywhere for the amount of energy it will save, the huge investments raise a concern. However, the ability of LEDs to pay back on investments in a much shorter span of time because of its enormous energy savings puts these arguments to rest.

According to LEDs Magazine the proposed rulemaking sets very clear standards for Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy (PPE) for Horticulture LED Lighting. PPE must be 2.1 µmol/J or better for indoor growing facilities that have 1000 ft2 or more of canopy. In greenhouses where both the sun and supplemental lighting are used, the policy is PPE of 1.7 µmol/J or better enforced in facilities with the same 1000 ft2 or more of canopy.

It should be noted that the proposed rulemaking only applies to major upgrades of new builds. Nevertheless, the benefits attached with LEDs will soon start to come in the forefront that will make both existing and new builds to welcome it with open arms. It is believed that with California putting such stringent energy-saving requirements, it will set an example for the rest of the US to follow.

To read the source article please click here: https://www.ledsmagazine.com/horticultural-lighting/article/14182371/proposed-cea-horticultural-lighting-policy-may-require-leds-in-california

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