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Human Centric Light: Illuminating the Way to Good Health, Sharp Focus & Bright Moods!

Ever heard of lighting that can impact and improve your life and surroundings? If not, go ahead and read this blog to learn about the human centric effects of smart and sensor ready LED solutions.

LEDs are popularly known as the cost effective or energy saving alternatives of conventional lighting solutions. However, their other benefits – as Human Centric Lighting is still less discussed.


Human Centric Lighting is an avant-garde LED technology that imitates nature’s daylight cycle and its effect on our biological cycle. Interestingly, natural light at different hours of the day affects our mood differently. It even synchronizes our circadian rhythm and ensures our well-being. However, in the absence of natural light, this function can now be performed by human centric lights. Human centric lights are smartly designed with sensors and remote control options to create the desired lighting effect throughout the day.



Circadian rhythm is a natural process that controls our sleep-wake cycle and repeats itself after every 24 hours. Sun light emitted during the day stimulates this natural process in most living organisms. However, us humans these days spend most of our time indoors which leads to less exposure to sunlight and disruption of the circadian rhythm. This is when control enabled & sensor ready LED human centric light comes into the picture. These smart LED solutions, with their ability to imitate natural daylight, balance this natural cycle and ensure physical & mental well-being of humans.


When your body becomes accustomed to the sun’s natural pattern and the sleep cycle improves, the chances of facing various health issues reduces. On the contrary, a disturbed circadian rhythm would mean a sleep deprived body which, over time, will start facing physical and mental illness such as depression, blood pressure, hypertension, and cholesterol. Sadly, since we barely receive sunlight indoors, these health problems — in humans — are rapidly increasing. However, these can be avoided if you choose your indoor lighting wisely. Health promoting lights such as the human centric lights with CCT & power selectable capability can help you avoid such diseases. These, with their ability to imitate the natural daylight, will keep various illnesses at bay by ensuring a good amount of sleep at the right time.


LED lights can affect your mood and enhance productivity levels! Interesting right?  Studies have shown that bright light from the sun has the ability to keep you happy and positive during the day. However, since people spend most of their time indoors — at home or at the office, they tend to stay deprived of the sunlight and its benefits. While not getting enough bright light — to keep you alert — can affect your productivity at work; this can be taken care of with the help of human centric lighting. These lights allow you to tune brightness to a level where it can create an atmosphere that is a replica of the one outside. Basically, they imitate the natural daylight and render the benefits usually offered by bright sunlight.


How do human centric lights promote sustainability, you might wonder? Human centric lights are basically luminaires designed either with a CCT & power selectable switch that has sensors or come with a remote control. As you now get multiple CCT and wattage options in a single lighting solution you can tune the lighting as per your need. This will reduce unnecessary wastage of energy and promote energy savings. Moreover, promoting human comfort and ensuring well-being are in itself an approach to support sustainability. 

Now that you know how human centric lighting can immensely impact and improve your life and surroundings, it might be a good time for you to consider it. IKIO carries a wide range of CCT selectable products that can not only meet all of your human centric lighting needs, but also exceed your expectations in terms of light output. 


Choose our CPS (CCT & Power changeable) Series and get the benefit of switching to multiple color temperatures and wattages whenever you need, wherever you need. To learn more about our offerings, contact us at (1) 844-533-4546 or info@ikioledlighting.com.

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