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How Color-Changing LED Lights Are Illuminating Special Places Around the World

How Color-Changing LED Lights Find Special Place in Illuminating Special Places Around the World

LED lights are being applauded world over for their energy efficiency, as evident from various counties, cities and airports switching to LED fixtures in a bid to earn better return on investment (ROI).

This very aspect of LED lights makes them a favorite among various special lighting projects as well. Recently, in Japan’s Wajima city, seaside rice terraces are illuminated with 25,000 LED lights after dark. It is done as part of the annual light-up festival. A total of 25,000 solar-powered LEDs have been installed at the rice fields, switching between pink, green, gold and blue lights every 15 minutes as reported by Time Out Tokyo.


Seaside rice terraces in Wajima illuminated with 25,000 LED lights

Close home, last year, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was illuminated with 1,800 colored LED lights. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) installed these lights on 1.7 miles of Tampa Bay's iconic bridge and made for a striking sight you could see for miles. According to Fox13news, the bridge's new lights could alternate between eight themes, and could be used to mark holidays and events. In fact, the Skyway glowed red for International Firefighter’s Day, pink, green and teal for breast cancer awareness and so on.

These lights can also be used to commemorate matters of broad community interest - Skyway was recently lit in red, white and blue to honor all first responders during the state of emergency as told by Kris Carson, Florida Department of Transportation spokesperson.

Looking at all these initiatives, it is apt to say that Led lights are indeed illuminating the world in every sense of the word.


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